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    Submit your site to over 700 web directories in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. Simply enter your website's url, description and title and sit back and watch as your submissions take place LIVE.


What AutoDirectorySubmission can do for you?

AutoDirectorySubmission.com is a web based tool that allows you to submit your website/blog to over 700 web directories. You should first need to register with us for FREE. Once logged in, purchase credit(s) according to your requirement and Start submission! See the submission process live or navigate away, report will be prepared in both cases for you to view the stats. You may receive some emails which you can simple delete away except a few with verification links. All in all, it will not take more than 15 minutes to complete a campaign.

Are web directory links dofollow?

Yes exactly, all the links which are submitted on web link directories are dofollow. It helps your website to gain higher rankings in search engines dramatically.

What is the link approval rate?

Links are approved by the directory owners at different time intervals. Some approve daily, some weekly, some twice a month and a few every 30 days. All Links usually get approved if the website you're submitting do not contain any Illegal/Spam stuff.

Do you provide any Guarantee?

We guarantee the number of submissions which means you will get no less than 700 successful submissions. If you do not get, we'll compensate it by adding more credits to your account which will allow you to submit the site again.

Can i use your tool to provide seo services?

Yes, you can as long as there is no abuse and/or spam usage. If you are a service provider or seo company, you may even get discount on purchase of over 100 credits.

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